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APRIL 2019
The authorities still do not understand that the climate of the country has changed
Rio in a stage of crisis! The week started with scenes of destruction. The rains began on Monday afternoon and continued until Tuesday evening. At least ten victims lost their lives as a result of flooding in the city. The water covered cars, invaded houses, knocked down trees. There were landslides and the blocked roads. Read the article by the Climate Observatory.
Credits: Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil
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Climate strike mobilizes thousands of young people
Check out the story of a young environmentalist, from the Engajamundo network, who participated in the 2019 Strike for the Climate on March 15. "We want rapid actions and we will not be manipulated! This change cannot be restricted to the millennial generation. It needs to spread to all society. WE ARE IN A HURRY!" she said.
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Solar energy for the Xingu
A study by IEMA on the Xingu Solar project, of the ISA, indicates that the combination of energy generators with photovoltaic solar panels could save R$ 360,000 per year. Download the publications here!
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Illuminated Forest Documentary
ISA has launched a three-episode web series to reinforce the amount of the energy generated by the sun and the wind to the Indians and riverside dwellers of the Amazon. ENERGY & COMMUNITIES was the stage of premiere
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Energy efficiency in air conditioners
An international event resulted in positive dialogue between those responsible for the subject in the government, industry and civil society, as well as proceeding to the next steps
Photograph: Cláudio Ribeiro/Eletrobras
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Climate change and energy efficiency
An animated video by IEI, launched at Catraca Livre with the support of iCS, answers the question about the relationship between the two and demonstrates how efficiency can avoid carbon emissions
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What are Green Bonds?
A chapter of the SITAWI web series about Finance for Good explains what they are, how the market in Brazil is structured, and the advantages for investors and issuers
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Zero Carbon Connection
The first trade fair for the climate in Latin America will bring together a multiplicity of people interested in mitigating GHG emissions
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Bus technology for São Paulo
ICCT releases an extensive technical report with the modeling of new engine technology and alternative fuels for the São Paulo bus fleet
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Five minutes for transport
Casa Fluminense is launching the second edition of the Agenda Rio Newsletter, about urban mobility, at the Central do Brasil station.
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More Air, Less Smoke
With the impending new bidding process for the bus fleet in Campinas (SP), Purpose has created a campaign to demand more sustainable solutions in the city.
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Climate and Active Mobility
A new YouTube channel, organized by CCMob, talks about the incorporation of active transport methods to climate agenda. Five episodes are already on the air
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COP24 and business climate practice
During a webinar organized by the IEC, Alice Amorim summarizes the COP24, the election of Bolsonaro, and perspectives for the future.
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International Event on Climate Litigation
Save the date: May 9. How can legal instruments leverage climate ambition?
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Institutional training with grantees
Advocacy workshop shares information about the current political system and demonstrates mobilization and communication tools
IEMA - Institute for Energy and the Environment
Amount Granted: R$ 2,675,000.00
Duration: 36 months
Portfolio: Energy
Proposal of the Grant: Institutional support to the IEMA to produce its strategic plan for the next three years (2019-2022) and to implement a series of organizational development initiatives.
IDEC - Institute for the Defense of the Consumer
Amount Granted: R$ 700,000.00
Duration: 12 months
Portfolio: Energy
Proposal of the Grant: To influence the market of public policies and household appliances related to energy, presenting the consumers as key players in the promotion of the sustainable practices of production and consumption. Operating strategies:
a) to participate in the political arenas of the Executive and Legislative Branches, especially those related to the reform of the electric sector, tariff structures and energy efficiency in the refrigeration sector;
b) to implement communication campaigns about the role of consumers in the promotion of a market of energy and household appliances that is favorable to the climate.
CPI - Climate Policy Initiative
Amount Granted: R$ 91,000.00
Duration: 3 months
Portfolio: Energy
Proposal of the Grant: To develop mechanisms to evaluate the relevance of the energy efficiency projects financed by philanthropy in Brazil, considering their ability to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This will be performed using micro-economic methodology.
PIMP MY CARROCA - Movimento de Pimpadores
Amount Granted: R$ 50,000.00
Duration: 6 months
Portfolio: Low carbon economy
Proposal of the Grant: To develop an electric prototype of the carts used to collect recyclable products, with the potential improvements of performance, ergonomics, and safety, and the potential increase of income for the professionals from the sector, at the same time promoting the use of renewable energy in the place of fossil fuels.
PHI Institute - Intelligent Philanthropy
Amount Granted: R$ 60,000.00
Duration: 12 months
Portfolio: Low carbon economy
Proposal of the Grant: To promote the collaboration between institutions and foundations in the experimentation and learning from several innovative instruments of social investment, and to generate, collectively, new insights, as well as to test new ways of supporting social changes. To monitor and evaluate the results of the support for the development of social impact and environmental businesses.
Bike Anjo
Amount Granted: R$ 57,000.00
Duration: 4 months
Portfolio: Transport
Proposal of the Grant: To guarantee and to improve the planning culture of urban mobility in Brazil, based on the instrument of the Urban Mobility Plans, as established by the National Policy of Urban Mobility, through an advocacy campaign called "Keeping an Eye on the PlanMobs" ( The strategy consists of constant surveys about the status of these plans in Brazil, defending them in parliament and in federal government and advising city halls.
IDPV – “The Law for a Green Planet” Institute
Amount Granted: R$ 50,000.00
Duration: 6 months
Portfolio: Climate Policy and Outreach
Proposal of the Grant: The “The Law for a Green Planet” Institute will organize the 24th Brazilian Congress of Environmental Law; the 14th Congress of Portuguese and Spanish Speaking Countries, and the 14th Congress of Degree and Post-Graduate Students in Environmental Law. In 2019, the events will concentrate on discussing the central theme of climate change and its consequences.
FAS - Amazonas Sustainable Foundation
Amount Granted: R$ 15,000.00
Duration: 3 months
Portfolio: Climate Policy and Outreach
Proposal of the Grant: To support the participation of the different representatives in the Seminar "Contributions of the Civil Society for the Amazon Synod", to be held in Manaus, on March 7, 2019. The seminar brings together technical and scientific analyses, as well as the lessons learned and the practices of the civil society from the Amazon basin, seeking to contribute to the Synod for the Amazon, at the Vatican.
IESP – Institute of Social and Political Studies
Amount Granted: R$ 283,000.00
Duration: 12 months
Portfolio: Climate Policy and Outreach
Proposal of the Grant: To improve and expand the capacity of the OLB (Observatory of the Brazilian Legislative) to analyze and monitor the positions of parliamentarians in relation to the climate, based on their behavior during the approval process of the most relevant bills for the climate agenda.
14, General Dionísio Street
Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
22271-050, Brazil
+55 (21) 3197-6580

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