Active Mobility in the Federal District

Engagement of the Government of the Federal District in active mobility policies
Active mobility in Brasília (DF) | Photo: Agência Senado


The ITDP has been supporting the construction of the Active Mobility Plan of the Federal District, evaluating drafts of policies, such as the policy of cycle mobility and transferring technical capability to this government. With the support of the iCS, the World Resources Institute (WRI) founded, in partnership with the Frente Nacional de Prefeitos, the National Network of Low Carbon Mobility. This network is dedicated to the development of “complete roads”, a methodology of road design that prioritizes the space and the safety of active and public transport. The DF was selected, together with ten other cities, to implement the pilot of a “complete road”, which helped to mobilize the local government to pay attention to active mobility.
Between July and September 2017, workshops were organized with members of the Federal District Government to spread the word about cycle path policy. Furthermore, the iCS supported the trip of those responsible for the cycle path policy of the city to Holland, to represent the DF at the Velo-city, an annual global event about the topic.

Indirect contributors to this end, amongst others, were two grantees of the iCS: Bike Anjo and Como Anda, which promote active mobility policies and activism in Brazil.
Active mobility in Brasília (DF) | Photo: Agência Senado
Active mobility in Brasília (DF) | Photo: Agência Senado


The city of Brasília (DF) was conceived according to modernist principles that favored the road space for motorized vehicles to the detriment of those traveling on foot or by bicycle. Therefore, it has become necessary to guarantee that policies of active mobility and integration with modals of public transport are created and implemented, whose effect is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) in the DF.
Active mobility in Brasília (DF) | Photo: Agência Senado
Active mobility in Brasília (DF) | Photo: Agência Senado


The Mobility Secretary of the DF has become involved in a growing number of active mobility initiatives, such as the analysis of the current policies of cycle mobility and walking mobility, the creation of drafts of new policies and the definition of criteria for the monitoring, evaluation and social control of these policies. This is based on technical expertise.

Learn here about some of the important results to which iCS and its grantees made a significant contribution in 2017.