Financial Results

The total revenue of the iCS in 2017 was R$ 27.6 million, 37% above that planned for the year. The operating result was positive at approximately R$ 2.4 million.
In relation to the expenses for 2017, from the realized total, 73% relate to resources destined to programmatic purposes or similar areas, while only 27% of these resources were destined to operational expenses, including the payroll.
The expenses relating to programs had an equitable distribution between the portfolios of Climate Policy Economy, Urban Mobility and Power. The Outreach portfolio is growing and in 2017 represented 8% of the program expenses. The remaining 7% represented the percentage of expenses destined to convening and monitoring.
View of the Guanabara Bay (RJ) | Photo: Alan Fotografia

iCS Financial Results in 2017

Budget 2017 - by Donor

Expenses 2017: Actual + Committed 

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