The iCS made 45 grants during 2017 to different organizations that acted, directly or indirectly, in the climate change universe.
Clarisse Linke, of the ITDP, during the launch of the book “Cidades de Pedestres” [Cities of Pedestrians]| Photo: ITDP Brasil
Urban mobility expressed on the murals of the city of São Paulo | Photo: Felipe Lange Borges
The majority recognized the importance of the participation opportunities in seminars, forums and meetings. Generally, the main recognized contribution refers to the field of operation, such as, for example, to encourage or facilitate convening actions and the presentation to leaders from the climate area to which the grantee did not have access before its partnership with the iCS. 

The advice in the strategic planning is recognized by the grantees as a valuable help in the obtainment of resources from other financial sources. These results not only corroborate the direction of our partnerships and grants, but also reinforce the importance of allocating part of the resources to the convening actions promoted by the iCS.

We proudly present our 2017 grantees.


The grantees of the iCS produced and published, during 2017, important studies to support the advance of climate issues.

Here are some examples:

Acessos Seguros – Publicação
Secure Access
Guidelines for qualification of access to public transport stations
Urban Mobility and Program of Targets of the City of São Paulo
8 sidewalk principles 
Instituto de Emissões Atmosféricas
Inventory of the Atmospheric Emissions from the Passenger Road Transport in the Municipality of São Paulo
Road Transportation of Passengers in the Municipality of São Paulo 
Pedestrians in the city | Photo: Daniel Guimarães
We sought to maintain a strict relationship and permanent collaboration with our grantees and, therefore, not only to optimize initiatives but also to reinforce the bonds of the immense network of people and organizations that are dedicated to making the climate targets a unique opportunity of sustainable development.

In 2017, we performed a survey with the grantees to evaluate how these organizations perceived our operation and our support. One of the most important results for us was that over 70% of the grantees considered that the support of the iCS went beyond simple financial support. 

“We have worked very closely with the iCS for a long time”... “and always considered it as a great partnership. We reflect together and we construct the proposals together in a way that best serves the ecosystem of urban mobility in Brazil. I am very happy about this partnership”. 

“The iCS was responsible for advancing the operation with cities within the organization. We succeeded in understanding the challenges and the opportunities in this field. This help was also fundamental in strengthening the groups that operated with mobility on the front line”. 

Opportunities and Challenges of the Targets of the Brazilian NDC for the Business Sector
Brazil, Paris Agreement and business opportunities in a low carbon economy
What is the impact of zeroing the emissions from the power sector of Brazil?
Instituto Escolhas
How to live with or plan for mobility on foot or by bicycle