iCS Speech

Check out how the Institute of Climate and Society worked to foster projects and initiatives of its grantees.
Residents of Peruíbe (SP) fight against the thermoelectric plant | Photo: 350.org

iCS Around the World

Many of our partners actively participated at the COP23 in Bonn, Germany, as well as other international events, such as Velo-City, about active mobility, which was held in Holland and to which we sent a delegation with members from local government and civil society. In partnership with the German Embassy, we began the Future Sustainable Dialogues series, holding two international meetings, one about long-term development strategies and the other about the decarbonization of transport.
Engajmundo at COP-23, in Bonn, Germany | Photo: Engajamundo
In partnership with the Museum of Tomorrow, the 2018 Platform: the Brazil of Tomorrow was launched with a debate about the political process and the participation of society. Together with the Instituto de Estudos da Religião (ISER), we held the event Faith in the Climate – Religious Communities and Climate Change about religion and climate. With the Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade (ITS), we promoted a meeting about blockchain and the carbon market. With the Instituto Escolhas, we designed an opinion poll that demonstrated that Brazilians recognize the need and desire the reduction in the use of fossil fuels, which left us even more motivated.
Meeting with Michel Temer and members of organizations from civil society, in Brasília (DF) | Photo: FBMC
These and all the other accomplishments of 2017 consolidated our role and that of our partners, donors and grantees in the direction towards the global objectives of the climate. We thank everybody for being with us in each one of our achievements.

Executive Director of the Climate and Society Institute

A Year of Great Achievements

2017 was a year of consolidation and great achievements. We supported 45 projects, amounting to approximately R$ 13.5 million. We succeeded in mobilizing the financial support of ten national and international institutions which enabled actions in our different portfolios: Power, Urban Mobility, Outreach and Climate Policy Economy.

We also supported events and initiatives of communication and convening and we launched platforms for information and mobilization about climate change, reinforcing and legitimizing our presence and that of our partners in international action networks on behalf of the climate.
Estação Berrini subway station (SP) and interventions based on the concepts of Complete Roads | Photo: Pedro Mascaro/WRI Brasil

Initiatives in Brazil

With partners such as the Instituto Escolhas, the Instituto de Energia e Meio Ambiente (IEMA), the Observatório do Clima (OC), the Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (IDEC) and the International Energy Initiative (IEI Brasil), among others, we undertook various initiatives in Brazil. Together with the Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE), we organized several workshops about themes such as the financing of energy efficiency. At the IV Meeting of the Municipalities with Sustainable Development, the World Resources Institute (WRI Brasil) launched two publications about urban mobility. We were also present at the Annual Meeting of the Observatório do Clima. 
Museum of Tomorrow

Public Policies

Organizations from civil society, such as the Instituto de Políticas de Transporte e Desenvolvimento (ITDP), delivered a document with targets referring to the policy of urban mobility to the then mayor of São Paulo, João Dória. Others held a meeting with President Michel Temer in order to emphasize the importance of a State policy for the climate. We supported a seminar held by the Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (IPEA) and by the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) about the relationship between national accounts and climate change. We also participated in the discussions of the three Thematic Chambers of the Fórum Brasileiro de Mudanças Climáticas (FBMC).
Representatives from different religions at a meeting of the Faith in the Climate project | Photo: Climate and Society Institute