Restoration of the Fórum Brasileiro de Mudança do Clima

Restoration of the Fórum Brasileiro de Mudança do Clima (FBMC)
Restructuring meeting of the FBMC, with the presence of the then Minister of the Environment, Sarney Filho, and the President of the Forum, Alfredo Sirkis | Photo: FBMC


Throughout 2016 and 2017, the iCS supported organizations from Brazilian civil society and specialists that restored the operation of the FBMC. These included the Centro Brasil no Clima, the Observatório do Clima, Engajamundo, the Conselho Empresarial Brasileiro para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável, the Centro Clima and the Instituto Energia e Meio Ambiente. These organizations, as well as the iCS, participated in Thematic Chambers (CTs) of the FBMC, contributing significantly to the advance of the definition of priorities for the implementation of the NDC.
Walking mobility: center of São Paulo | Photo: ITDP


After years of paralyzation of its activities, the FBMC – a body created by federal decree, which seeks to raise awareness and mobilize society and to contribute to the discussion of the actions required to confront global climate change – returned into operation at the end of 2016.

The challenge encountered by the FBMC is in the convening and construction of consensuses that indicate actions and priority measures and send them to the Presidency of the Republic, as an input in order that the country complies with the targets established in its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

“In the interaction with the Ministry of Environment (MMA) and in particular with my secretary of Climate Change and Forests, there was a significant change: a greater approximation in the agendas of adaptation to climate change and also in the agenda of metrics for a low carbon economy. These are two new and recent themes which are gaining momentum and body in the ambit of the MMA and for which the iCS is having a very important participation”. 

Everton Lucero
Secretary of Climate Change of the MMA


The reactivation of the FBMC allowed the realization of meetings throughout 2017 of nine CTs, involving representatives from civil society, from the private sector and from the three spheres of government; the participation of the President of the Republic, who also presided over the FBMC at two of the meetings; and the definition of the priority actions for the decarbonization of the economy, to be sent to the President of the Republic to guide the Brazilian NDC.

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